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Hotel** Restaurant Mendy offers you a stunning view on the Pyrénées Atlantiques mountains

Welcome to a typical old basque house transformed into a charming hotel (16 rooms including PRM), 3km only from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (World Heritage).




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staying at Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Basque Country

10 km from Spain (Compostelle Camino), 60 km from the Basque Coast and its beaches, in the very heart of the Pyrénées Atlantiques, close to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (World Heritage), Hotel** Restaurant Mendy offers you a geographic and strategic base to discover this welcoming and surprising region .

The Hotel** Restaurant Mendy wishes you gorgeous holidays in the Basque Country !

Hotel Mendy, hotel à St jean Pied de Port



Surrounded by mountains, with its historical walls, crossed by the river Nive, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is a World UNESCO Heritage and one of the most beautiful towns of the Basque Country.

Located 8 km from the spanish border, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port is the last french step  of the Pilgrimage to Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, before the crossing of the Roncevaux Path to Spain.

The medieval houses and paved small streets remind us of a very remote time and tradition. Charm and authenticity caracterise this old town and its citadel.

Entering the city through medieval gates, , you will discover various interesting sites within the pink-stone bulwark : gardens, remparts, old city doors and medieval houses, the XIth century  church, the Roman Bridge, the Notre-Dame bridge, the Bishops Jail etc..

From the citadel, military edifice inspired from Vauban works, you will enjoy an amazing panorama above the basin of Saint-jean-Pied-De-Port and on the Nive's Valley up to Saint-Jean-Le-Vieux.


Crédit-photos : Saint-Jean pied de Port Vue générale ©CDT64 (n°1), St Jean Pied de Port Nive © Ph.Laplace (n°2), St Jean Pied de Port rue ©CDT64 (n°3)

The Roman Camp

Are you interested in archeology and history ?

With an exceptional historical past going back to Antiquity, Saint-Jean-Le-vieux, 3 km from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port,  existed already during the Roman Conquest.

In 15 BC, the Romans choosed a place down the Ports (mountain paths), open all the year long, to set up their camp.

This military base was, actually, a road station, a stopover on the trans-Pyrénées road from Bordeaux to Astorga in Spain. A  very well preserved thermal site can be visited.

In Saint-Jean-Le-vieux, you can visit the new Museum and its collection of archeological relics of the camp which is a conservation area since 1984. The collection gathers items excavated at the thermal site like Samian ware, amphoras, glasses, coins...

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Hotel Mendy, hotel à St jean Pied de Port

The Iraty Forest

The legendary old forest of the Basque Country

The Forest ! Mythycal cradle of all the popular believes, the Forêt d'Iraty is the biggest beech-forest in Western Europe.

Along the seasons, it unveils its treasuries : spring for walks, summer for mushrooms and fishing, automn for migratory flights, winter for skiing and snowshoe raquettes.

During your wanderings in the Iraty Forest, you will be amazed by the view of the Iratiso Lake, the "Pic des Escaliers" or the Orgambidesca Path.

 You will be impressed by the beauty and serenity of this site and by the amazing view on the Navarre and "Haute Soule" mountains.

Crédit-photos : Forêt ©CDT64 (n°1), Forêt petit chemin ©CDT64 (n°2)

Hotel Mendy, hotel à St jean Pied de Port


Who says "Espelette", says "pepper" !  Espelette is also a gorgeous village that you must absolutely visit when in Basque Country.

In Espelette, at the end of summer, pepper red garlands are catching the sun, hanging on  the white old basque houses facades .

Every year, on the last sunday of october, Espelette organises its Pepper Festival , a sympathetic festivity where local products "façon basque" are tasted and exchanged.

Actors of various local economical activities such as handicraft, agriculture, gastronomy, and tourists gathered for this occasion to enjoy fresh, powedered or "en corde" pepper.

If you come to Espelette, don't forget to visit the "Chateau des Barons" (Town Hall and Tourism Office) with its exhibition on the history of Espelette Pepper, and the nice Saint-Etienne Church.

Photos : (1) Piments d'Espelette en corde (CDT64 n°1), (2) Espelette façade piments (DCT64)

Hotel Mendy, hotel à St jean Pied de Port

The Cheeses Road

Discover a gastronomic road where paths and small roads  lead you along the valleys...

Driving along the "Route des Fromages AOC Ossau-Iraty", you will admire changing landscapes and different sites of production : from Pau and its surroundings to the Atlantic Facade, near Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, through the Valleys of Baïgorry, Soule, the Iraty Forest, the "Pic du Midi d'Ossau", Saint-Palais, the Labourd province and the Arbéroue.

Follow the posted signs and meet the producers who will be happy to share with you their passion for their know-how and activity. Shepherds, milkers, artisanal dairy producers, cheesemakers (particularly sheepcheese makers in the mountain during summer) will welcome you. And don't forget to participate to  the sheep milking ritual !


Crédit-photos : Fromage de brebis et berger ©CDT64-Medialab (n°1), Fromage de brebis séchoir ©OTBasseNavarre (n°2)

Hotel Mendy, hotel à St jean Pied de Port

The Prehistoric Caves

A 80 000 years long history is waiting  you at the Isturitz and Oxocelhaya caves.

Go to one of the richest archelogical sites in Europe, in the "Vallée de l'Arbéroue" where you will find the "Colline de Gaztelu" with its two exceptionnal caves.

Inhabited first by the Neandertal man, then by the Cro-Magnon man, the Isturitz Cave reveales to the visitors some  very important items : horses drawings (inluding the famous basque Pottok), european bisons, peintures, and a multitude of objects informing us about the everyday life of the first inhabitants of our region.

The Oxocellaya Cave, a sanctuary, has been shaped by water. It is a natural master-piece, a kind of rocky cathedrale with monumental concretions built up during milleniums.

 The two caves are visited in one time.

Source photos : Les grottes d'Isturitz et d' Oxocelhaya


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